Sunday, September 10, 2023

High priority: Informal pathway erosion is now dangerous for pedestrians. Please add berms and three sets of stairs ASAP.

In June 2023, the Polo Field was again opened and used as a weekend overflow parking lot. The surrounding area was never designed to accommodate pedestrian traffic from the Polo Field: In fact, there are not even any sidewalks.  

This map shows areas currently in a state of severe erosion due to pedestrian foot traffic:

Here is what the Zilker Park north entrance looked like in April 2023:

Compare to September, 2023:

Here is what the children's Zilker Playground looked like in April 2023:

Compare to September 2023:

Photos on Labor Day 2023:

September 2023, severe erosion shows exposed pipes:

Informal pathways from the Polo Field show severe soil erosion and compaction after summer of 2023:

The following eroded zone is between the Rugby Field and Barton Creek:

Below, a slippery slop beside Barton Springs Pool recently caused a man to slip, fall and break his arm.

We alerted this man just in time. In good spirit, he chose to take extra precautions:

Further erosional areas inside the pool grounds will be vulnerable to the next heavy rains:

Suggestion: Add three sets of stairs as soon as possible to prevent injury of pedestrians. Add temporary berms in all areas where topsoil is at risk of further erosion due to rain.

High priority: Unsafe dust conditions on Butler Landfill Gravel Lot (complaint filed with TCEQ 9/8/23)

Location of Butler Landfill Gravel Lot:

I have filed a complaint regarding the dust condition on the Butler Landfill Gravel Lot to the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality. Dust in the air is unhealthy for humans. I am asking Council and PARD to perform some sort of remediation so that this surface is not dusty for park visitors who drive their cars onto this surface in summer 2024.

High priority: Revegetation of Polo Field grass

Location of the Polo Field grass (temporary parking lot):

Summer 2023, the Zilker Park Polo Field grass was used for overflow parking. 

The seasonal damage to the grass is evident in the pictures below.

Polo Field had green grass on Memorial Day 2023:

By Labor Day, it looked like this:

High priority: Repair Barton Creek banks and adjacent riparian areas

Location of problem:

Example of successfully repaired bank along a stretch of Barton Creek, Zilker Park

Privately-owned SUP's are having a negative impact on the ecology of the creek banks in Zilker Park:

Trees with exposed roots show signs of decline; some trees may already be dead:

DP suggestion: Best places for privately-owned SUP's to enter Lady Bird Lake:


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