Saturday, January 6, 2024

01-06-2024 Update on the state of the park after ACL Fest and Trail of Lights

The contract for the Trail of Lights allows them to 
continue "clean up days" through 01-08-2024.

The Butler Landfill cap:

This parking area is not supported by 6-8" of gravel substrata. 
Why would cars be allowed to park here on the landfill cap?

I hope that the sidewalk extension will continue
over this mud zone, to the crosswalk on
Barton Springs Road at Stratford.

The Polo Field. Trail of Lights operator was allowed 
to use 100% of the Polo Field for visitor paid-parking,
 at $30 per car. The west 50% section that was previously green
is now damaged. Will TOL pay for its remediation?

The Polo Field was used as a temporary dump for Christmas trees.
Austin Resource Recovery will hopefully make other arrangements
when the Polo Field is closed to vehicles and revegetated.

Informal paths between the Polo Fields and the Playscape/Pool
are still compacted and barren.

This path was used as the ACL customer admission queue:

Other informal paths:

Barton Creek banks show exposed tree roots, 
fallen trees and deep grooves where rain
flows in channels downhill into the creek.

Zilker Boat Rentals:

Tree loss:

The Rugby Field shows patches of sod applied after ACL Fest.

Areas that continue to be compacted and barren:

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