Bathhouse Rehab - Please "press PAUSE"


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Dear City Manager Garza, Mayor Watson, Council Members and Staff,

Our proposed solution: Remove family restrooms #4 and #5. Use these spaces for staff to be able to monitor side gates.

This solution:

  • Avoids the need for a portable building permanently located at the west gate;
  • Adds flexibility to the design to allow staff to monitor visitor entries at the two external gates, west and east;
  • Provides two essential gates for safe egress; gates should not be locked during hours of normal operations;
  • Saves MONEY!

The pool users and several pool staff members have suggestions to improve the functionality, cost and safety of the final Barton Springs Pool Bathhouse.

Please listen to our plea: 

    1. Pause the site plan review process, even just for a short while;
    2. Create a forum for meaningful dialogue which promises responsiveness from the COA, PARD and the designers.

With a few modifications, the citizens and the staff hope to help the City build a legacy project that will benefit generations to come.

Please have a member of your staff call me to discuss.

Thank you,

Diana Prechter


Note: 2016 EDUCATIONAL MATERIALS (titled "Bathhouse Zone Feasibility Study 2016") ABOUT THE BATHHOUSE REMODEL have been REMOVED from the COA WEBSITE. We have become “educated citizens” after reading the document:

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