Monday, October 23, 2023

10/23/23: Photo journal of ACL impacts on the non-irrigated zones of Zilker Park

My photo journal below shows the deepening state of damage to root systems throughout the acres of Zilker Park between Barton Springs Road and the pool/creek after ACL Fest has concluded in October 2023.

ACL uses this area of Zilker Park, south of Barton Springs Road, for extensive activities from attendee entry and processing, sound stages for concerts and heavy equipment. 

When the vegetation is destroyed in this zone, there is little support from the Parks Department because of the lack of irrigation.

The negative effects of pedestrian informal pathways -- unregulated by the Austin Parks Department for the entire summer of 2023 -- are now compounded from the massive number of ACL attendees and the heavy equipment needed for concert production in this zone.

This ecological problem will not be resolved by further neglect. The ACL organizers, the Austin Parks Department and the Austin Parks Foundation must acknowledge the current state of damage and make concerted efforts to remediate it. Acres of precious soil are simply floating away in the rain.

Full photo set is available at this link:

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